Southern France



There are a host of things to see if you decide to vacation in France. Each region has something special to offer.

France by region

For example, there are different foods to try in every region. What is interesting about the food aspect is that each region takes a little bit of influence from the country that borders it. The Franche-Comte region borders Switzerland and has several dishes that emulate some Swiss ones. The Alsace region borders Germany and has several dishes that are heavy with sausage and the like. This makes them similar to some dishes served in Germany.

Additionally, the attitudes of people are different in the regions of France. In Paris, you will get the city slicker kind of people that keep their heads down and go about their own business. If you go to a more rural region, you might find that people are more open and are more community oriented. If you are looking for a super laid back vibe, you need to go to the south of France.

Easy living

This region is known for people who like to work and play in the warm sun which bounces brightly off of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. This region is known for friendly, down to earth people who just want to show you a good time.

Going to the south of France is also a great gastronomic experience. If you are a fan of seafood, this is the place for you. You can feast on half shell oysters all day!

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