Paris Adventure




Paris is often called the “City of Love.” While this gorgeous French metropolis definitely conjures up some romantic sentiments, there is a not so nice side to this town. Don’t worry, no city is perfect, so I’m not trying to rag on Paris.

The last time I visited Paris, I had some several interesting run-ins. I certainly don’t want to discourage you from going to visit there. However, I think this story is funny and something that travelers might enjoy. Keep reading to hear about my adventure in Paris!


Metro time

Last summer, I lived for a month in Paris in the Marais district. It was an incredible place to live. Everything was beautiful, and from my apartment, I could see the hustle and bustle of the city below. I was taking some French classes in another district which started early in the morning. As a result, I got to experience the daily grind of Parisians at eight in the morning.

Up until that point, I thought that Parisians were exquisite and proper people. While there are some that are probably like that, you would not guess that from being on the metro.

Every day I got on the metro was a combination of struggling and suffering. It was in the middle of the summer, and everyone was sweaty. Everyone packs as tightly as possible in the metro to head on down the line through the city. However, everyone is particularly smelly and grumpy. Everyone would scowl at the ground and glare at each other. Even as a New Yorker, I was surprised!

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