French Specialties



It’s no question that visiting France will open your palette of to a world of possibilities. Exposing yourself to French cuisines is without a doubt a gastronomic rebirthing. You will taste like you’ve never tasted before.

Since the dawn of the French culture, the whole world has known that this place is one of the centers for all things good. Whether it is simply baguettes and cheese or something exquisite like canard a l’orange, one bite will have you convinced that there is no cuisine in Europe parallel to that of the French. If you have had French food before and are looking to take a little walk on the wild side, then come with me on a small exploration. Today’s post will discuss some interesting French delicacies and specialty foods that may seem a little strange for you. Bring an open mind and an empty stomach and read on!


Foie Gras

The first stop that we are going to make is foie gras. This delicacy is a very fatty type of spread that you can either serve as a dish or eat with bread or crackers. It comes from the liver of either a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened. While this may seem to turn you off at first, don’t be shy and take a bite. Its incredibly rich flavor will send you reeling and wanting more. Be careful not to eat too much if you are trying to watch your figure. This dish is high in flavor but also high in fat!

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