Bread is a central part of a lot of cultures. For example, many families will serve bread as the grain for their meal. Also, the sandwich is a staple in a lot of western cultures. Finally, the term “breaking bread” refers to being together as a group. This phrase stems from some old cultural practices where family and friends would break a loaf of bread apart as a symbol of togetherness and unity. This even exists in religious practices such as communion in the Christian faith.

A bread for every culture

One thing that is remarkable about bread is that every culture has its own take on the risen grain. They all offer a delicious and nutritious flavor of their culture. While I am certainly a lover of almost any kind of bread, I am a fan of French grains in particular. There are many kinds of breads that the French bake, but my favorite is by far the baguette.

The baguette

This French bread has a revolutionary texture concept that is absolutely mind blowing. The crust of this bread is very crunchy on the outside. This provides a solid and striking texture when you put it in your mouth. However, as soon as the crunchy outside of the baguette is broken down, then there is a soft inside that almost melts in your mouth. In addition to the texture, the flavor is irresistible.  The other great thing about baguettes is that they can be paired with a number of other foods. In fact, many French dishes include it as a side for leftover sauce!

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